We will become Mr. and Mrs. Gray
on April 3, 2010!

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     His hello was the end of her endings
     Her laugh was their first step down the aisle
     His hand would be hers to hold forever
     His forever was as simple as her smile
     He said, she was what was missing
     She said instantly she knew
     She was a question to be answered

     And his answer was I do"

Daniel and I met in college where we were both music majors.  I actually did not like him very much at first-I thought he was attractive, but very opinionated and proper (little did I know).  After a year or two in college we started become friends with the same people and ending up at the same places at the same time.  The more I got to know him, the more I realized he was nothing like I had originally thought.  He was kind and cared about other people and their feelings way more than most college men at the time!  We became best friends and I even felt the attraction back then (this was about 4 years ago) but we both were in serious, commited relationships and thought it would be inappropriate to act on these feelings.  We went on many trips together from Arizona to Italy, and all the while I kept thinking "what a great guy!"

When we graduated college he moved about 3 hours away for a teaching job and I stayed in the area for my own teaching career.  We did not talk much during that year but one thing did happen-our long term relationships ended and we were both single.  I landed a teaching job in a great county right beside his and had to move up his direction.  While looking for townhomes he said "hey, I like this area, I may want to live around her also."  We moved right across the street from each other and were back to best friend status.  

My best friend Allie's wedding came (this is now about a year ago) and, both being single, Daniel offered to be my date.  I for course said yes!  It was at Allie's wedding that I knew I really wanted to be with Daniel.  I found out later he called his best friend and told him the same thing.  I'll never forget driving to Allie's wedding and in the car playing for him the song "A Page is Turned" and saying "I'm going to have this song sung at my wedding."  Sure enough, we will have that song sang by two of our closest friends at our wedding.  

When we started dating it took a while to get over what I call "the friendship hump."  How do you go from 5 years of just friends to being a couple?  After a month or two of figuring that out, it became very obvious that we were a perfect match.  We will both tell you that we have never felt this way about anyone.  It is so nice to get to spend the rest of our lives with a person who love us the way we are from bad breath in the morning to the 2 AM marathons of staying up to write lesson plans.  He truly understands me in a way I never felt possible and he is always there with his patience and understanding (something I tend to lack).  His is my best friend and I can't wait to live the rest of my life with him!